One insight

Comparing happiness levels of recent lottery winners, recently injured paraplegics, and the general population, a 1978 psychological study found happiness to be very relative. Just two months after the stroke of luck or the tragedy happening, respectively, both the lucky lottery winners, and the unfortunate injured returned back to the average level of happiness. lottery winners were not happier than controls and took significantly less pleasure from a series of mundane events.

One nudge

In no particular order, the biggest factors influencing human happiness include meaningful work (with lots of autonomy, low stress, and low fear of losing your job), private life, community, health, freedom, and a philosophy of life. Every once in a while, examine your own life to determine your personal source of happiness out of these areas, and where it might be lacking.

One quote

»Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.«

Benjamin Franklin