One insight

The average person in our western societies is estimated to watch over 5000 movies in their lifetime. Ever wondered how that might influence us?

Well, this study tried to answer what the nutritional quality of foods and beverages in the 250 top-grossing from 1994 - 2018 were. The results: movie-depicted diet failed federal recommendations for saturated fat by 25%, fiber by 45%, and sodium by 4%. Movies also featured 16% higher sugar content and 313% higher alcoholic content than the average US adults is recommended to consume.

One nudge

With the insights above, pay attention to what you consume visually and how that might influence your own – in today’s One-a-week case – dietary habits. More so when you consider this scientific Nutritional Analysis of Foods and Beverages Posted in Social Media Accounts of Highly Followed Celebrities. More than 87% of 5180 foods and beverages social media posts from 181 highly followed celebrities depict foods and beverages with an unhealthy profile. You are what you eat. And you might eat what you see often.

One quote

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.”