One insight

Most of the things we buy have to be paid for twice. There’s the first price, usually paid in dollars, just to gain possession of the desired thing, whatever it is. But then, in order to make use of the thing, you must also pay a second price. This is the effort and initiative required to gain its benefits, and it can be much higher than the first price. A new novel, for example, might require twenty dollars for its first price—and ten hours of dedicated reading time for its second. Only once the second price is being paid do you see any return on the first one. Paying only the first price is about the same as throwing money in the garbage. Dive deeper into the topic here.

One nudge

Everything You Say Yes To Is Saying No To Something Else. It’s easy to forget that, especially with peer pressure and FOMO, but it’s true. The decision to agree to that coffee meeting means saying no to an hour of reading. The decision to hop on this Zoom call means not hopping on the bike and getting some exercise in . The decision to stay up late to watch another episode of some mindless television show or scroll on your phone is saying no to a productive early morning. Say NO more often.

One quote

»The cemeteries are filled with people who thought the world couldn't get along without them.«

Elbert Hubbard