One insight

Imposter Syndrome affects high achieving people more than anyone else. Imposter Syndrome involves a sense of unworthiness, doubting your capabilities and talents, and feeling like a fraud. This syndrome can affect anyone, but high achieving people suffer from this more than underachievers.

One nudge

Success in whatever meaning is - as we all know - usually the result of many small steps along the way. Writing down these steps can help, as this example about flu-shots shows: a nudge-based mailing that prompted employees to write down when and how they planned on getting their flu shot led to about 13 additional people getting vaccinated per $100 spent on the mailing; by contrast, an education campaign on the benefits of the flu vaccine led to only about 9 additional employees at a health care facility getting vaccinated per every $100 spent on the campaign.

One quote

»The less a person depends on success, the less likely they are to fall.«

Reinhold Messner