One insight

Globally, Monday is the most common sick day. Except in Australia, where it is Tuesday. Fridays are the least likely sick day. People are much happier and more likely to fulfill their duties on a Friday.

One nudge

If you work 40 hours a week up until 65 years, you will work just over 90,000 hours in your lifetime. Hence it is crucial to spent that time with something we enjoy. Of course, not every second of what we do is always going to be enjoyable, no matter what motivational speakers all over the internet tell us. Instead, olympic athlete Alexi Pappas shares her Rule of Thirds which should also be applicable for an enjoyable work life: »When you're chasing a big goal, you're supposed to feel good a third of the time, okay a third of the time, and crappy a third of the time...and if the ratio is roughly in that range, then you're doing fine.«

One quote

»Inspiration usually comes during work, rahter than before it.«

Madeleine L'engle - American Author